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Dzan Consultants - architecture firm in Kozhikode

Team Dzan

DZAN CONSULTANTS is a novel architectural and interior design venture based in Calicut, Kerala. We intend to fill the design gap of the current market by thoughtfully evoking the importance of site responsive and context responsive design.

Need and elegance are our keywords. At DZAN, we assure creating user efficient designs that match with the taste of the era as well as accommodate the vision of the clients. Rather than “just a building”, we believe that any construction carries a purpose of igniting the mind and soul of the people who spent a portion of their lives in and around it. Through DZAN, we look forward to bringing a design revolution by working close to our clients as well as the geography and nature around.

Our Vision

To creatively engage in the dreams and imaginations of every client and bring out practically efficient, site responsive and context responsive design that stands the test of time.

Our Mission

To create space for active communication in bringing out the best designs that match the need and imagination of every client and provide timely delivery of good quality and unique design ideas.

Team of Experts

We, as a team of experts, understand the value of listening to you at every stage of our work. We value your time, effort and money. Moreover, we value your life and happiness. Thus, DZAN promises you that we will provide you with the best living experience through our design approach that you may lead a contented life henceforth, appreciating everything around you anytime you throw a glance at it.

Our Clients

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